Ranakpur Is 96 kms from Udaipur, it is the site of one of the most important Jain Temples in India. The Marvelous temples over here are living testimony to the wonders that abiding faith and unreleting pursuit of excellence can create. The temple is constructed on an extensive platform and the whole edifice is made up of domes and towers, courtyards and cells, each with a pyramidal roof. These 500 year old temples have been preserved in Adinath, is a 3 storeyed structure, with 29 halls, 80 domes and 1,444 pillars and no two pillars are alike. Every pillar is intricately carved, infact every conceivable surface is carved with equal delicacy.


There are four subsidiary shrines with 80 spires supported by 420 columns. The entire temple is encircled with corridor having Tirthankara images. A small shrine of Lord Parsvanth in front of the main temple, has a black image of the tirthankara in the inner sanctum.

Major Tourist Spots

  • Desuri: Desuri is part of erstwhile Godwad. There are three Jain temples, and temple of Shiva and Hanuman. The temple of Parsuram Mahadeo amidst the hills is worth seeing.
  • Sadri: Sadri is famous for the beautiful temples of Barahavtar and Chintamani Parasnath. It also has an old dargah, of Khudabakhsh Baba.
  • Muchhala Mahaveer: 5 kms from Ghanerao, in the Kumbhalgarh sanctuary, the Jain temple is a contemporary of the Ranakpur temple. It is the only temple where Lord Mahaveer is depicted with moustache. There are many local legends about it.