Kullu Manali

Situated at AN altitude of half-dozen, 200 feet area unit Kullu and Manali, 2 heavenly cities within the state of Himachal Pradesh. Kullu is set on the western bank of the stream Beas and is found within the centre of the Kullu or Silver depression. Kullu depression was once called Kulanthapitha, which accurately meant “end of the inhabitable world”.

The city of Kullu was 1st mentioned within the Hindu epic The Mahabharatum as Kuluta. The town was shaped by Mukhar, the son of Vidura. It absolutely was recognized as a vital town even throughout times of yore. The earliest recorded history of the town is one A.D, once town had its terribly early inhabitants. The region’s history echoes that of the many love it in India. It modified hands from ruler to ruler, till a people took over towards the tip of the seventeenth century. A people were in thus awe of the depression that they setup a bivouac there and set to grow tea within the region.

Cuddled within the lap of the Kullu depression is that the ancient town of Manali. It’s placed at a stone throw from the peaks of the Himalayan Mountains. The city’s name springs for the mythological figure Manu, United Nations agency was probable to be the sole one that survived the nice floods that destroyed the planet.

Kullu-Manali now days – Kullu and Manali area unit thought-about one amongst the most effective hill stations within the northern region. They’re known for his or her pristine beauty and serenity. They’re additionally known for being spiritual and sacred places for within the Hindu faith, with thousands of pilgrims coming back once a year to pay court to their religion. The cities additionally draw their fare share of tourists, each native and overseas. The two cities are recognized for his or her thriving apple business and their knit work. Only a few will match the standard of Kullu shawls.


Apart from its beauty, the cities are disreputable for a bootleg trade of Cannabis and soft drug. It grows abounding within the region and travelers from everywhere the planet return here to induce their fix. Infact, the region is often cited as Manala Gold by the drug culture as a result of it purportedly produces a number of the most effective soft drug cash should purchase. Be terribly careful if you opt to partake. Every year, dozens of tourists get inactive here for allegedly trafficking in medication

Places To Visit In Manali

Vashist hot Water Springs

Vashist Spring -These sulphur hot springs ar thought of as sacred and celebrated for its medicative and rejuvenating values. you’ll be able to take a refreshing heat dip in one in all the kunds.

Tibetan Monasteries

Tibetan religious residence : a replacement however colourful Buddhist temple. It contains several idols of Buddha. This monastey is known for its carpet weaving and Tibetan handicraft.

Nehru Kund

(Half Dozen Kilometer) A outflow of unpolluted cold water named once the late Prime Minister Jawahar Lal national leader, UN agency wont to drink water from this spring throughout his keep in Manali. it’s set on the Manali-Keylong road. This spring is believed to be returning from ‘Bhrigu Lake’.

Kullu Manali Sanctuary

kullu Manali Sanctuary -Located at a distance of 2km from the down city kullu-Manali, the life sanctuary was 1st notified within the year 1954 and is home to a spread of Himalayan flora and fauna with animal species like lion, ounce, ibex etc

Hadimba Temple

Kullu Manali Hadimba or Dhungiri temple in Manali is one in all the foremost vital temples within the region. This four-story wood temple is found within the middle of a forest referred to as the Dhungiri Van Vihar.

Manu Temple

Kullu Manali Slippery stones methods lead through the recent village homes up to the temple of Manu. Manali is called once the sage Manu UN agency meditated once he came during this space.

Bisheshwar Mahadev Temple

Bisheshwar Mahadev Temple Located fifteen metric linear unit from Kullu, this temple is devoted to Lord Shiva. chemical analysis back to the ninth century and set on the banks of the stream Beas, this vast temple has been in-built a pyramid vogue and homes an outsized “Yoni-Lingam” idol representing Lord Shiva and his wide god Parvati. Idols of god Hindu deity, Lord Vishnu and Lord Ganesh square measure housed within the 3 sided shrine outside the temple.

Bijli Mahadev Temple

Bijli Mahadev Temple 11 km. The Bijli Mahadev temple one in all the foremost placing temple is ready on a spur, and is legendary for its sixty foot high workers that sporadically attracts lightning that shatters the Shivalinga. every time this happens, it’s pieced along by the temple priest.