Bishnoi Village Safari One of the oldest ecologically-minded communities in the world, the Bishnoi have been living in western Rajasthan for centuries. They believe in conserving the flora and fauna of this ancient region, even to the extent of sacrificing their own lives to protect the environment. This belief was most famously demonstrated in the Khejarli massacre of 1730, in which 363 Bishnoi men and women were cut down while protecting their sacred trees from the King’s men. During a Jeep drive through the Bishnoi Villages, you can spot herds of fearsome, free-running Blackbuck deer. You’ll experience and catch a rare glimpse of the simple, but culturally rich lives of the Bishnoi, making connections with gorgeously-clad womenfolk and charming men in headgear. As well as the authentic craftsmanship of the potters and weavers, you can also witness a traditional village opium ceremony – a beautiful and unique custom.