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Rajasthan Package Tours

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Rajasthan is a state almost uniquely steeped in history. As the dozens of magnificent forts and hilltop palaces testify, the place has seen centuries of wars between ancient Hindu Rajput clans, as well as later conflicts with Mughal invaders from the west. The state is at the very heart of the Indian story, and it’s easy to while away the hours and shelter from the midday sun in one of the gorgeously-curated fort and palace museums.
Wild Eye Travel’s photography, adventure, wildlife, cultural and desert tours are carefully crafted to show you exactly what this most special of states has to offer.
The success we’ve built over the last 25 years was possible only because of the trust we’ve forged with our customers, ensuring our guests are always at their most comfortable.
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Sanjay Gehlot

Wild Eye Travel is the long-standing dream of Mr. Sanjay Gehlot, who was raised in Jodhpur by a family heavily involved in travel and tourism for the past 25 years. His avid love of travel has led to him promoting and helping to popularize the concept of sustainable and responsible tourism.

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